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A space of Love, Gratitude and blessings with attention to detail.
In the welcoming nature of the Matutu Valley,
for cycles of experiences and therapeutical practises.
An open space for journeys of self-awareness and self-development.
A place where all manifestations of celebration of the mysteries of Life are welcome, honoring what it has best.

Oca Soma

The bambu room of Oca soma, projected by the architect Leiko Motomura (www.amima-arquitetura.com.br) where the activities take place, was delicately placed next to a “temple of araucárias”. Perfumed woods with magical lights, where a great araucaria “mother” shelters baby trees and all those who seek the gracefulness of its shadow. A place to disconnect of senses and allow the mind to wander with the songs of birds and the gentle sound of the cold clear waters of the stream that runs under the trees.

Valley of Matutu

The Valley of Matutu was blessed by the tropical beauty of the Mantiqueira. And Oca Soma completes this sacred scenario, bringing the delightful “mineiro” touch, the simplicity of the land and the smell of the countryside.

Activities in Oca Soma


If you are a facilitator interested in making a retreat, course or workshop in Oca Soma, please contact us on: veraji@ocasoma.com.br / tel.: (35) 9949 0714

It will be an honor to receive your group. Please provide us with an idea of dates, number of students you would like to bring, the kind of course you would like to impart, or what kind of program you would like to do.


1) You’re bringing a closed group, or would you like assistance divulging your course?

2) Would you require accommodation and meals?

3) Would you like to complement your course with other holistic practices such as massages, yoga, acupuncture or a specific diet?

4) Are you interested in other experiences around the region, such as walks, waterfalls or cultural events?

5) Would you require transportation?

How to find us

From São Paulo: Dutra Highway or Fernão Dias Highway

Dutra – This is the closest route. However there are more tolls and there’s a sierra with plenty of curbes and few stops.  Following this route you should follow Dutra until you get to Cachoeira Paulista, fom where you’ll make your way to the South of Minas until you reach Caxambu. From there, onto Juiz de Fora until you reach the crossing of Aiuruoca and go into town.

Through Fernão Dias – Although it is farther away, you’ll avoid tolls and it is safer through the sierra. Following this option you’ll go through Fernão Dias until the entrance to the Circuito das Águas (Water Circuit) and to Caxambu. From there, onto Juiz de Fora until you reach the crossing of Aiuruoca and go into town.

Where to Stay

Click the following links to find out more information about your possibilities.

Pousada do Matutu

Pousada Mandala das Águas 

Pousada Pedra Fina

Casa de Hóspedes Patrimônio do Matutu

Hotel Fazenda Anahata

Ananda Matutu Hospedaria

For further information, please contact:

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